Female Pattern Hair Loss in Surat – All you need to know

Female pattern hair loss is on the rise in Surat these days. There could be a variety of reasons for this, including heredity, hormones, stress, medication & so on. Later in the article, we'll go through each of these factors in greater depth.

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Hair loss is a common condition seen in both men and women in Surat. Hair is an essential part of our body. It enhances our looks. Conditions like hair fall and baldness may lead to lower self-esteem and confidence. 

It does not let one look at themselves in the mirror with pride! It somehow makes one feel uncomfortable and ashamed. But by getting a hair transplant from the best hair transplant clinic in Surat, one can get one’s lost hair back.


One can then look at themselves in the mirror with pride. One can then confront the world with confidence and pride. This article talks about female pattern hair loss in Surat, their causes, diagnosis, and treatment. 


Female Pattern Hair Loss in Surat 

Female Pattern hair loss in Surat is increasing nowadays. There can be many causes behind this like heredity, hormones, stress, medication, etc. We will discuss each of these causes in detail later in the article. 


Female pattern hair loss can be disturbing for women. Are you also one of those women who are disturbed by their hair loss? If yes, then don’t worry! 


You won’t be bothered for that long as we have a solution for you. The key is getting a hair transplant treatment is done by a hair transplant doctor in Surat. This will help you to get rid of your problem of hair loss. 


The right treatment can help you stop hair loss and perhaps restore some of the hair you've already lost. Treatments can take up to a year to show results.


But how to identify female pattern hair loss? 

Female pattern hair loss happens in 3 stages. The three stages are as follows:


First Stage: In this stage, one isn’t even aware of hair loss. It begins with a small amount of hair loss in the partition area of the scalp. 


Second Stage: In this stage, one can notice a widening in the partition area of the scalp. The hair loss increases in this stage. 


Third Stage: In this stage of female pattern hair loss, hair loss is the maximum. There is tremendous hair fall seen in women, and proper treatment from a hair transplant surgeon in Surat is needed to treat this stage of female pattern hair loss. 


What causes female pattern hair loss? 

There are a variety of factors that lead to female pattern hair loss. Some of them are as follows: 

  • Heredity: If female pattern hair loss runs in your family, then there are chances that you might also experience female pattern hair loss.
  • Hormones: During menopause, you may experience hair loss as the secretion of estrogen stops.
  • Increased Stress: If you carry stress on your head, where will your hair grow? Your head can’t withstand the pressure of both your hair as well as anxiety. It can either carry hair or stress on it, not both! And thus, people having higher stress levels experience more hair loss. So, it is your choice, whether you want to carry hair or stress on your head. What is your choice?
  • Medication: There are certain medicines too that lead to hair loss.
  • Alopecia areata: It is a skin disorder that causes hair loss. There are other causes of female pattern hair loss like shocking events etc.


How to diagnose female pattern hair loss? 

Female pattern hair loss can be diagnosed through tests like hormonal and thyroid tests, scalp biopsy, hair pulling, etc. 


How to treat female pattern hair loss? 

  • Female pattern hair loss can be prevented and treated by bringing about the following changes in your lifestyle.
  • Eat healthily and follow a balanced diet that includes essential vitamins and nutrients.
  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.
  • Avoid letting your hair get exposed to sun heat and pollution.
  • Take medicines as prescribed by your doctor in Surat.
  • Exercise regularly
  • Avoid stress. As the saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine” laugh and stay positive to avoid stress and hair loss. It is advisable to engage in activities that you like to stay happy and cheerful.

Female pattern hair loss can also be treated by a hair transplant or other treatments from a hair transplant doctor in Surat. 



In this article, we learned about female pattern hair loss, its stages, and causes, and we also learned how female pattern hair loss could be treated. Are you experiencing hair loss? Is it affecting your confidence level? Is it hampering your self-esteem? 


If yes, then seek help from a hair transplant surgeon in Surat to get proper treatment for your female pattern hair loss and not only get your hair back but also get your confidence, self-esteem, pride, and beauty back! 



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Q. I have been experiencing severe hair fall since last few months. It's also getting worse day by day. Whenever i comb or wash my hairs i find a lot of hair strands in my hand. Even on combing hair with my fingers i find a lot of hair strands. I'm really worried. History: i don't have any disease but i had typhoid along with some symptoms of covid, 2 months back. But i didn't take any covid test. None of my family members or relatives have this issue.

Here's a list of 20 things you can do to help prevent or treat hair loss. Wash your hair with a light shampoo regularly. For hair loss, there's a vitamin. Protein should be included in your diet. Massage your scalp with aromatic oils.

Brushing wet hair should be avoided. Garlic juice, onion juice, or ginger juice are all good options. Maintain a healthy level of hydration. Infuse your hair with green tea.


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Q. Hi Doctor, I have had severe hairfall for last 6-7 years, I lost more than 75% of my hair. Surprisingly enough though, there are no bald patches. I have consulted many doctors for a treatment. I underwent some tests 4 years back, they were all normal. I repeated the tests last year. and all (cbc, thyroid profile, Ana, vit D) were normal except for slightly dropping vit D levels, where i was given 3 doses of Vit D. Currently i am consuming multivitamins, and using piligrow hair spray as well as climbazam shampoo. I'm a medical student and experience stress. Could this possibly be a genetic issue since my mom had faced the same problem in her 20s and as my 3 sisters are also experiencing the same? And Is there any cure for this?

Although there is presently no cure for hair loss, scientific research could lead to one in the future. Researchers are currently researching the use of stem cells to encourage hair growth in males suffering from male pattern baldness. 

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