Hair Transplant a Permanent Fix or Not?

Hair transplant is a hair loss technique that removes your hair follicles using micro-grafting technology. These hair follicles are used on thinning or balding parts of the scalp.

Dr. Mohit Srivastava Created on 3rd Sep, 21

Many people in Surat are opting for hair transplants as a solution to their baldness problems. Are you planning on going for the procedure as well? 

So, the question of whether the procedure is permanent might have popped up in your mind. Let us begin from the basics by understanding what a hair transplant is? 


What is a Hair Transplant? 

Hair transplantation is a hair loss procedure that utilizes micro-grafting technology to remove your hair follicles. These hair follicles are utilized on other scalp areas that are thinning or balding. 


People who have excessive hair thinning on their scalp and baldness are good candidates for the procedure. Now let us move on and discuss the actual question, whether a hair transplant is permanent. 


Is Hair Transplant Permanent? 

When planted into your scalp, your hair follicles need healing time. After full healing, which requires about six to twelve months, you will find your hair follicles growing. 


Your new hair begins to grow, which fills your thinning and balding sites. This new hair develops, becoming the same length and texture as the rest of your hair. It continues to grow until you become old. 


The hair follicles planted in your scalp are permanent. Their movement from one scalp area to another is also permanent. You cannot return them to their previous position. 


Like your remaining hair follicles, the transplanted hair follicles also have a growth limit. After some period, they may stop producing more hairs as they did previously. 


Will you require another Hair Transplant? 

Your initial hair transplant procedure does not need to be your final. If you have excessive baldness or hair thinning, one session may not be useful. 


In a few cases, your specialist may recommend having more sessions to get the best results. 


Long-Term Expectations of Hair Transplant 

The results of a hair transplant are not permanent because the transplanted hair follicles have a growth limit. As you get older, your hair follicles become thinner, which causes less hair production. 


Do not worry; you will not become fully bald. There will always be some hairs on your head. Even if your hair thins after a hair transplant, your hairline will not reduce as it did before a hair transplant. 


You can consider having a mesotherapy or PRP. Such procedures can make your hair growth patch less and steady. These treatments also give a boost to your hair follicles, regenerates them, and helps them produce thicker and improved hair. 


Visit your hair transplant clinic in Surat and create a plan to ensure that your hair does not appear patchy or unnatural over time. 


Sort out your Expectations 

Visit your specialist regarding your hair loss issues. They can analyze your scalp and provide you with the best solution according to your condition. Note that, sometimes, medical conditions and medicines you may be having can bring hair loss as a side effect. 


Hence, you need to ensure that this possibility is not present. It makes you unsuitable to be a hair transplant candidate as a hair transplant cannot help you in such cases. 


A successful hair transplant procedure depends on the surgeon. Find yourself a specialist who is an expert in hair transplantation. They can be dermatologists, plastic surgeons, or cosmetic surgeons. 


To understand their expertise, you can ask before and after pictures of their previous hair transplant patients. You can also ask them which way and process will best fit your condition before booking your visit. 


Final Thoughts 

A hair transplant is the best option for hair that has visible thinning or is balding. Also, the result of a hair transplant is permanent as you cannot undo it. 


However, the way your hair transplant looks after it recovers will not remain the same for years to arrive or the rest of your life. 


Hence, look for an experienced hair transplant doctor who knows how to make a long-lasting and natural-looking hair transplant. Further, have realistic expectations, so you do not get upset about the outcome you receive. 

If your hair transplant outcome is unsatisfactory, consult with your doctor. They may recommend other options that can help you achieve satisfactory results.