Hair Transplant Scars: Permanent or can they be removed?

There is no gain without pain! The hair transplant procedure is no different. To get the gains of a hair transplant procedure, you need to bear the pain of scarring.

Dr. Mohit Srivastava Created on 27th Oct, 21

Yes, scarring is the price you need to pay to get your beautiful hair and confidence back! 

But don't worry! You can minimise the scarring and reduce the visibility of scars by doing a hair transplant treatment from an experienced and best hair transplant doctor in Surat

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So, do you want to get maximum gains from hair transplant surgery with minimal pain in the form of scars? 

Then visit an experienced and highly qualified hair transplant doctor to get the best hair transplant in Surat. At Hair N Images, we have highly trained hair transplant surgeons who perform effective and superior-quality hair transplant in Surat. And you do not need to worry about the hair transplant cost in Surat. We provide cost-effective hair transplant treatment without compromising on quality. Our experienced hair transplant doctors use advanced and superior technology to perform the hair transplant procedure, which leads to maximum gains and minimal pain from the procedure. Yes, you can minimise the hair transplant scars by choosing us for your hair transplant surgery. Scars can also be minimised by following proper aftercare instructions given by our expert doctors. 

Can we not permanently get rid of scars? 

Unfortunately, we cannot permanently get rid of scars. But as mentioned earlier, we can minimise the scarring by doing a hair transplant surgery from an experienced and professional hair transplant doctor in Surat and following the aftercare instructions he advised. This will minimise and reduce the visibility of scars. And as you've heard the phrase, "Out of sight, out of mind!" So as scars wouldn't be seen, they wouldn't be that bothersome, and we wouldn't be affected by them or care about them much. Yes, but they would still exist! But aren't these scars smaller compared to the joy and confidence got from a hair transplant surgery? Think about it! 

What are the aftercare instructions to be followed to minimise hair transplant scars? 

The top hair transplant doctor in Surat lists down some aftercare instructions that should be followed to reduce hair transplant scars. The following are some of the aftercare instructions given by the doctor-

  • Use a temporary concealer like Nanogen or DermMatch to make your hair appear thicker around the scar and then cover it.
  •  To cover the scar, tie a hair scarf or bandana around your head softly.
  • Please wait for your adjacent hair to grow out entirely before styling it to hide the scar.
  • If the quick hacks don't work, consider laser revision for scar removal.
  • Apply topical healing ointment and take the necessary antibiotics as advised by your doctor.

Other than the above techniques to minimize hair transplant scars, other treatment options in Surat can help you reduce the hair transplant scars and reduce their visibility. 

What are the other treatment options available in Surat to manage and minimise the hair transplant scars? 

The following are some of the treatment options that can be used to reduce and manage the scars- 

  • Scar repair surgery – 

Scar repair surgery is typically performed on individuals who have had inexperienced professionals do hair transplant surgeries. Scar correction surgery reduces the amount of scar tissue that is visible. Excess scar tissue is removed from the skin, and the adjoining skin is stretched and sewn together for a more refined and natural appearance.

  • Micro-pigmentation procedures

In this operation, surgeons employ permanent ink to create a gradient around the scar tissue to blend it in with the surrounding skin, much like a 3D tattoo. The scar then merges in with your natural hair on your head, making it less noticeable.

  • Laser Therapy

Laser treatment is frequently combined with scar repair and micropigmentation techniques for more precise outcomes. The laser stimulates collagen production on the skin's dermal layer, which improves skin suppleness and minimizes the appearance of scars.


Hair loss is a significant problem faced by people living in Surat. Hair loss affects one's confidence and self-esteem. But there is no lock without a key. And the key to combat the problem of hair loss is a hair transplant treatment in Surat. Hair transplant treatment is the path to confidence and self-esteem. But everything comes at a cost! Hair transplant scars are the cost that you need to bear to win back your confidence and self-esteem. Scars are the price you need to pay to get a prize in the form of beautiful hair! Though the hair transplant scars are permanent, you can minimise them and make them less visible by doing a hair transplant treatment from an experienced hair transplant surgeon in Surat and following the aftercare instructions given by the surgeon properly. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Now is the time to walk on the path to confidence by doing a hair transplant treatment from the most experienced hair transplant doctor in Surat without worrying about hair transplant scars! 

You are just a visit away from a confident you! 

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Q. Hi Doctor, I have had severe hairfall for last 6-7 years, I lost more than 75% of my hair. Surprisingly enough though, there are no bald patches. I have consulted many doctors for a treatment. I underwent some tests 4 years back, they were all normal. I repeated the tests last year. and all (cbc, thyroid profile, Ana, vit D) were normal except for slightly dropping vit D levels, where i was given 3 doses of Vit D. Currently i am consuming multivitamins, and using piligrow hair spray as well as climbazam shampoo. I'm a medical student and experience stress. Could this possibly be a genetic issue since my mom had faced the same problem in her 20s and as my 3 sisters are also experiencing the same? And Is there any cure for this?

Although there is presently no cure for hair loss, scientific research could lead to one in the future. Researchers are currently researching the use of stem cells to encourage hair growth in males suffering from male pattern baldness. 

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Q. I have been experiencing severe hair fall since last few months. It's also getting worse day by day. Whenever i comb or wash my hairs i find a lot of hair strands in my hand. Even on combing hair with my fingers i find a lot of hair strands. I'm really worried. History: i don't have any disease but i had typhoid along with some symptoms of covid, 2 months back. But i didn't take any covid test. None of my family members or relatives have this issue.

Here's a list of 20 things you can do to help prevent or treat hair loss. Wash your hair with a light shampoo regularly. For hair loss, there's a vitamin. Protein should be included in your diet. Massage your scalp with aromatic oils.

Brushing wet hair should be avoided. Garlic juice, onion juice, or ginger juice are all good options. Maintain a healthy level of hydration. Infuse your hair with green tea.


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