PRP Treatment for reducing hair loss in Surat

PRP is a medical treatment for hair loss that boosts hair growth, thickens existing hair, and prevents hair loss by increasing circulation in the scalp. Read on to view the full details on this...

Dr. Mohit Srivastava Created on 16th Sep, 21

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment is a promising non-surgical clinical treatment option for patients who need hair growth stimulation for hair loss complications. We can treat hair loss with PRP treatment effectively. It is a non-surgical and safe procedure. 

Hair ‘N’ Images is famous for providing PRP hair treatment in Surat. Many people in Surat opt for this treatment as one of the most effective non-surgical treatments for their hair loss issues. 


What is Platelet Rich Plasma treatment, and how does it work? 

PRP consists of your blood plasma that is rich in concentrated platelets. These concentrated platelets contain protein and growth factors that:

  • Attract stem cells. 
  • Stimulate hair follicle growth. 
  • Improve hair follicle circulation. 
  • Reduce inflammation. 


Let us see few benefits of PRP hair treatment: 

PRP therapy is a very effective medical procedure for regrowing your natural hair. We store the collected platelet from your blood and inject them into your scalp. Our hair transplant surgeon in Surat injects this platelet-rich plasma, especially in areas where you have thin hair and bald spots. 


In areas where the hair is sparse or thin, PRP can improve hair count and thickness. Along with this, it reverses the symptoms of hereditary hair loss in both men and women. 


It is a non-invasive procedure that lasts for 60 to 90 minutes for each session. Since it requires injecting one’s platelets into the skin, it is an entirely safe procedure. 


There are no side effects at all. The PRP hair treatment at the hair transplant clinic in Surat is affordable with excellent results. You will notice an improvement in hair growth maybe from the third or fourth session. 


Dr Mohit Srivastava has gained popularity as one of the best hair transplant doctors in Surat due to his successful treatments. So, he is the best person to assess the number of sessions you require to obtain optimum results. 


There are few myths related to Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) hair loss treatment: 

We have seen that patients come to our hair transplant clinic in Surat having misconceptions or myths about the treatment. But each one of them is not true. Here we are mentioning a few of them. 


1. I’m just too young for the treatment: 

Many people are under the misconception that PRP hair treatment is only for the elderly, which is false. Individuals between the ages of 24 and 45 are the most vulnerable to hereditary and male pattern hair loss. They can get benefits from this treatment. Yes, you don’t have to be in your forties or fifties to get PRP hair treatment benefits. 


2. Only men can avail of the benefits: 

This is absolutely wrong. This therapy is effective for both men and women who are experiencing hair loss. The efficacy of PRP hair treatment is unaffected by the client’s gender. The only thing to remember is to seek care from an experienced hair transplant doctor for your hair loss treatment in Surat. 


3. Hair restoration with PRP is expensive: 

If you compare the long-term cost of home remedies, surgeries, and over-the-counter medications, the PRP hair treatment is inexpensive. Furthermore, these hair loss prevention techniques provide limited results, sometimes none at all. 


At the same time, there is a high risk of recurrence of your problems. You don’t have to spend your whole life savings to cover the expense of PRP hair care. 


4. PRP hair restoration treatment is very painful: 

This is another misconception that you should disregard. You may feel a slight discomfort while we will inject the platelets into your scalp. We at our hair transplant clinic in Surat use anaesthesia to ease your discomfort. 


5. PRP treatment takes time to show results: 

Good things take time! As the procedure works by stimulating and improving hair follicles, the PRP hair treatment result time is typically about 3-6 months. You will see noticeable results like decreased hair fall and new hair growth within 3-6 months. 


However, the time it takes varies due to various factors such as age, degree of hair loss, genetics, and so on for each candidate.