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Case study of Androgenetic Alopecia Treated with Bio-FUE and DHT

Details of the Patient

  • Patient's Name: Abhishek
  • Patient's Age: 26
  • Patient's Gender: male

Symptoms shown by the Patient

  • Hairloss

An Overview of the Case

Men in their adolescence and early twenties suffer from male pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia. Baldness is distinguished by a receding hairline and gradual hair loss from the scalp's front and crown. 


In time, the hairline recedes, creating a distinct "M" pattern. Although baldness cannot be cured, it can be improved with treatments like hair transplant surgery. 


When you visit a hair transplant clinic in Surat, the surgeon will examine your scalp and run tests to see if you are the right candidate for this treatment. Dr Mohit Shrivastava, an expert hair transplant surgeon at Hair' N' Images has successfully treated several patients with androgenetic alopecia. Read on to find out how Dr Mohit treated this case of Grade 2 baldness.  


Detail Description :

Mr. Abhishek, a 26-year-old police constable, visited our clinic with hair loss problems. He was concerned about his hair loss problems which had reduced his self-confidence. Dr. Mohit Shrivastava, who is considered the best hair transplant doctor in Surat, performed some tests on the patient. The doctor concluded that Mr Abhishek had grade 2 androgenetic alopecia. 


The condition had aggravated due to excessive exposure to sunlight because of his job as a traffic police officer. This excessive sunlight exposure resulted in excessive sweat leading to fungal infection and dandruff, further aggravating his baldness. 


We ensured that Mr Abhishek receives the best hair transplant treatment at an affordable rate. Dr Mohit Shrivastava informed Mr Abhishek about Bio-FUE and DHT. After understanding the technique and its charges, Mr Abhishek decided to go for the treatment. 


He underwent Bio Fue with DHT- and was given mesotherapy, laser therapy, and PRP therapy in follow-up appointments. The doctor also treated his dandruff and fungal infection simultaneously. 


Treatment Provided to the Patient

  • Hair transplant with Bio-FUE and DHT technique.

Medical Tests Performed

  • Complete blood count(CBC)
  • Random blood sugar(RBS)
  • Trichoscopy
  • C-reactive protein (CRP)

Feedback from the Patient

This is what Mr. Abhishek had to say after his treatment: "I was really nervous when I arrived at the clinic because I had no previous experience with hair transplantation. But Dr.Mohit took his time and thoroughly explained the Bio-FUE and DHT procedure to me. He also gave me some suggestions about how I can keep my hair healthy. I am very pleased with the results of my hair transplant. Hair N images, thanks a lot."

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