Published on 5th Apr, 21

Hair loss, also referred to as alopecia or baldness, is the loss of hair on one’s head or body. In the very least, the head is usually involved. Hair loss can range in severity from a small patch to the entire body. In most cases, there is no inflammation or scarring. Some people experience psychological distress as a result of hair loss.

Hair Transplant- Myths & Facts

Published on 7th Apr, 21

Hair transplant treatment is becoming increasingly common. It was a godsend for those who were having hair loss issues. Here, the surgeon’s expertise and qualifications are extremely important and will aid you in achieving the desired results. There are numerous other factors that contribute to this.

With the increasing expertise and proficiency of the field’s top specialists, it seems fair to expect that the general quality for all modern hair transplants will be strong, and that impressive and good outcomes will be the norm within the industry. Although it’s true that hair transplant options have come a long way in the last decade, it’s also important to remember that the industry as a whole still has a lot of variety.

Dr Mohit Srivastava who is one of the best hair transplant doctors in Surat, India – advises patients to have reasonable expectations of what to expect after a hair transplant, both in terms of recovery and outcome. So, here is the article that will be of assistance to you. He also added that every patient, however, is unique.

Hair transplant is the latest obsession not only for those who have lost their hair to premature fall but even for those who want to alter their hairlines or acquire an attractive mane. Once you have decided to get a hair transplant done, many concerns might bother you about the procedure.

You must take careful care of the donor area after a successful hair transplant operation, including stitches and pain management. In addition, a person who has had hair transplantation should be aware of a few things and must be cautious to promote a faster recovery.

According to Dr. Mohit Srivastava, who conducts a hair transplant in Surat, just like a typical hair transplant, an eyebrow transplant is a permanent surgical operation in which hair is harvested from a donor place (such as the back of the head) and re-planted.

The FUE hair transplant process starts with the use of anesthesia. The anesthesia is administered by injecting it into the donor region. Then, one by one, the desired number of hair follicles are removed from the donor area. The balding zone is then sedated, and a micro-needle with a specially shaped tip is used to make multiple tiny incisions. The grafts are then placed in these incisions at the last stage.

Hair transplantation is a surgical treatment that restores thinning hair and a receding hairline. Hairs are plucked from the back of the head and moved up to the top. If you believe that these hairs will vanish again, rest assured that this will not be the case. Because these newly planted hairs are heritably resistant, they will not be removed.

Individual hair follicles are extracted from your skin and implanted elsewhere on your body during a follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant. The new area’s hair will appear thicker as a result. The “classic” follicular unit transplantation (FUT) procedure was intended to be replaced by the modern FUE technique. Even though it is a popular & successful method of hair transplant, people have many questions regarding this.

If a random poll were taken, 90% of people would equate confidence with looking nice. When we look good, we feel more confident as people. As a result, it’s easy to see how having long, lustrous, and thick hair boosts people’s confidence, regardless of whether they’re male or female. Excessive hair loss can have a negative impact on a person’s self-esteem. This is why so many clinics have sprung up to provide the best hair transplant in Surat.