Body Hair Transplant in Surat

Patients who are suffering from baldness want natural-looking results with adequate density after the hair transplant procedure.

They want the results to sustain for a lifetime. They require complete coverage of their bald area even if they have an advanced level of baldness which is grade 6 or grade 7.

As we know in an advanced level of baldness, the scalp donor reserve is limited, which cannot suffice for the hair transplant. We generally need 7000 to 8000 grafts, for decent coverage of the bald area.


Since the scalp donor area cannot provide enough grafts, we use a body hair transplant. At Hair N Images Clinic, we provide one of the best hair transplant treatment in Surat with a 95% success rate Since 20.


Our senior surgeon Dr Mohit Shrivastva with an experience of 24 years in successfully performing body hair transplant surgeries in Surat. Book an appointment now!


Who requires body hair transplant?

We are available with a limited number of scalp donors, and the baldness in men is increasing day by day. Therefore the quest for donors is multiplying, which gave rise to a body hair transplant.


In this procedure, we take hair follicles from chest, beard, arms, axilla, pubic areas and legs as well for covering the scalp or reconstruction of the body area. The requirement of body hair transplant is exclusively for men. 


The features of body hair are different from scalp hair in terms of growth, cycle, number of hair, and direction. Despite these differences, the body hairs when transplant grows up to 15cms of length. Therefore men with profitable hair growth on the chest and beard are ideal for Body hair transplant.


Procedure :

Body hair transplant procedure is carried out by using the follicular unit extraction technique.


Step 1: Anesthesia

Local anaesthesia is given for the extraction in Body hair transplant. To achieve analgesia is a very safe and efficient way.


Step 2: Extraction

In a body hair transplant, the extraction is longer compared with a regular scalp transplant. A follicular unit is acute in angle, and the growth of hair takes place in variable directions, which makes body hair a bit complex and time-consuming process. As in this, the surgeon always has to change the direction of the punch repeatedly.


Step 3: Implantation

Generally, scalp hair is mixed with body hair and implanted to the mid-scalp or crown region for better blending.


Advantages of body hair transplant

  • The growth rate is reasonable when implanted on a scale.
  • The hair mixes well with the scalp hair, hair then extracted are of good number.
  • The leading cause of hair fall is body hair as they are resistant to DHT, and these remain on the scalp forever.
  • In patients, coverage of the scalp is because of the low donor area of the scalp.



There are significantly fewer or minimal complications. The most common side effects are:

  • If overharvesting is done from the sternal area, in that case, keloid formations can occur.
  • If the procedure of a body hair transplant is performed on dark skin, then hyperpigmentation can occur.
  • Post-surgery, the asymmetric appearance of hair is grown on body parts.


Why choose Hair N Images for body hair transplant?

  • We at hair and image provide proper hygiene - the infrastructure which we have to ensure adequate safety for our customers.
  • We at hair and image carry out thousands of body hair transplant surgeries. We offer our customers assurance and the best results because customer satisfaction is our top priority.
  • We have modern and well effective treatments as we have current and updated technology which provides our client standardized and advance medicine.
  • Talking about our staff, we possess experienced and trained professionals who are well equipped for transplant procedures. They deliver 100% results will produce minimal errors.
  • At Hair N Images Clinic, we have a record of successful body hair transplants. We have delivered natural and younger-looking results so far.


Frequently Asked Questions :

1. Are there any dangerous side effects related to a body hair transplant?

There are no such side effects are there. Only a hint of -

  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Numbness
  • Swelling

can be seen on the transplanted body part. But these will go away after a week.


2. Which part of the body is suitable for excision in body hair transplant?

We mainly prefer the back of the scalp of the donor's area. If there the hair is not sufficient then takes them from the chest, beard, pubic, axilla, arms etc.


3. How much time does it take to recover?

It takes approximately a week to recover fully from the surgery.


4. For seeing the results, how much time it takes?

It takes around 12-15 months to see the results.



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