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Case study of hair loss and Treatment using Bio FUE and DHI

Patient Review

  • Patient's Name: Vikas N
  • Patient's Age: 55
  • Patient's Gender: male


  • Hairloss over 25 years resulting in baldness over frontal, central as well as vertex area resulting in Grade 6 baldness.

Case Presentation

Baldness is the main reason people search for the best hair transplant clinic in Surat. Generally, baldness is known as hair loss or absence of hair. It is also known as alopecia. The condition can cause low self-esteem and an early decline in a youthful look. 


The cause of baldness is usually hereditary. However, it can also occur because of other factors like medical conditions, hormonal changes, or as a normal part of ageing. 


Detail Description :

At Hair n images, we ensured that Mr Vikas gets the best treatment at an affordable hair transplant cost in Surat. Our experienced hair transplant doctor, Dr Mohit Shrivastava, concluded that Mr Vikas had hair loss for more than 25 years, resulting in advanced baldness of Grade 6, but he had no coexisting medical conditions. 


Even though there was a shortage of donor areas as Mr Vikas had excessive baldness, he didn’t want to use his beard as a donor. So, the only scalp was used as a donor. 


We performed the surgery in a single sitting, and it was a demanding task. However, Mr Vikas’s limited scalp donor had thick and healthy hair, especially for his age, so we went ahead with the procedure. We implanted 3400 grafts and roughly 7600 follicles with the DHT method over five and a half hours. 


Mr. Vikas withstood the surgery well especially considering his age. However, we completed the procedure only with a 10 min juice break. After the surgery, Mr Vikas’s hair has shown decent growth for the number of grafts and follicles that we implanted. 


Treatment and prognosis

  • BIO FUE with DHT- (PRP, mesotherapy, and laser therapies with direct hair transplantation ).

Physical Examination & Tests

  • Trichoscopy along with routine preop blood tests for hair transplantation.

Post-Operative Assessment

The patient was advised to wash his hair from the 3rd day using baby shampoo. We also put Mr Vikas on a PRP, mesotherapy, and laser therapies schedule after every 2 weeks for the next 2 and a half months. 


This what Mr Vikas had to say regarding his treatment at Hair n images: “The best hair transplant clinic in Surat. Experienced doctors, excellent service. I am very happy with my treatment. My hair transplant is showing promising results as of now. My hairs are still growing, but they look very much like my own natural hair. Dr Mohit Shrivastava performed the surgery for me, and I am delighted. The doctor and team are very professional and made sure I was comfortable throughout the surgery.

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