How can body hair transplant benefit you in Surat?

When the quantity of hairs required exceeds the number of hairs available on the scalp, we often use body hair, extracting it from various body locations and implanting it on the scalp. Read on to view the full details...

Dr. Mohit Srivastava Created on 8th Sep, 21

Hair fall has become a common phenomenon these days. The increasing rate of pollution, unhealthy diet and stress play a significant role in your hair loss. As a result, searching for an effective solution has also increased. 

But in most cases, the search gets stuck with over-the-counter cosmetic products and medicines. Whereas what you get in the name of effective treatment is nothing. 

If you are searching for a hair transplant treatment, you should use our best hair transplant treatment in Surat. Hair transplant treatment is the most effective remedy for all your hair loss related issues. 


From our experience, we can say that many people are there who don’t have sufficient hair follicles in their back segment of the scalp. Instead, they have an adequate number of solid hair follicles in different parts of their bodies.


Consequently, a body hair relocation treatment is by all accounts a decent alternative for them. 


Hair ‘N’ Images hair transplant clinic gives a premium quality hair relocation treatment in Surat at an affordable cost. Our hair relocates specialist in Surat primary doesn’t favour hair restoration using body hair if your scalp has adequate hair follicles. 


However, hair transfers utilizing your body hair is worthy in the accompanying cases: The number of hair follicles isn’t sufficient in the benefactor district of your scalp. 


Your hair follicles’ quality in the benefactor district isn’t so useful for use in your uncovered scalp. There is a scar in the benefactor locale of your scalp because of any past episode. 


In these cases, there could be no other choice than extricating your body hair for the treatment. Notwithstanding, before going for your body hair, we generally attempt to get the required hair follicles from your facial hair area. 


In the end, your facial hair has similarities with your scalp hair. In this way, we can use your healthy facial hair follicles in the transplant treatment. 


In the body, hair relocate cases, the more hair thickness you have in your body parts, the more it qualifies for the treatment. The strategy we use in hair transfers using body hair is just about as same as some other hairs relocate treatments. 


In ordinary cases, we separate solid hair follicles from your giver district of the scalp. In body hair relocate medical procedure, we remove hair follicles where you have thick hair thickness. Here we apply local sedation to improve the pain. 


We like to utilize a punch device for separating hair follicles by the FUE technique. At that point, we make pockets on your bald scalp and embed the extricated hair follicles individually. The treatment is tedious because it requires a high concentration of the specialist. 


Presently a couple of cones you should know before deciding on a body hair relocation treatment.  


Besides your facial hair, there are some stark contrasts between your hair on the scalp and hair in your body parts. The most impacting factors are the state of your recently relocated hair like 

  • Life cycle, texture, and quality. 
  • The quality will be different concerning your scalp hair
  • The length of the recently relocated hair won’t ever go back to your scalp hair. 
  • The surface and thickness will not be quite the same as your normal scalp hair. 
  • Whatever your body hair’s thickness is, we need to utilize them for better coverage on your scalp. 


Presently let us see the adequacy of body hair relocate treatment

Even though there are not many issues identified with body hair relocation treatment yet, individuals in Surat are availing of the cure for the following reasons. 


When your scalp needs more hair follicles, your body hair is the ideal choice. You can utilize your body hair to get a flawless hairline. In any case, remember that for the hairline, you should use the body hair with your scalp hair. It will give you superior coverage. 


As a large portion of your body parts stays covered in undergarments, nobody can see the scar because of the hair extraction. Even there will be no possibility of a visible scar if you are availing a strip surgery. 


Again, your body hair functions best as a filler to build the thickness of your scalp hair. So, it is apparent that the body hair transplant treatment is an effective remedy to cover your bald scalp in Surat. However, you should visit the best hair transplant clinic in Surat to get the best treatment.